$1,350 or $2,250

Yes, you heard us. We haven't even seen your current website or heard all the details about the new website of your dreams, and we've told you what we charge. Giving quotes or providing a confusing pricing menu isn't our style. Instead we offer two standard rates for all website design projects. ​​​​​

If you're a new business or a debut author, you'll likely fall into our starter price of just $1,350. An established author with a large backlist or an ice cream maker showcasing 50 flavors will probably need our established-business price of just $2,250. Not sure which category your website falls into? Please contact us and we'll let you know. Are you an author or a nonprofit organization? Please let us know--we have additional services designed specifically for you. 
Are you worried you won't be happy with your final website? We'll do everything in our power to make sure you love it or we'll give you your money back. All of it. Are you worried we can't meet your short deadline? Our average time from initiation to launch is just three to four weeks.

Currently, the platform we build on, Website Builder, offers hosting of your website for an auto-renewing fee of $10.75/month, paid annually. Want to pay for two or three years in advance? Then their fees drop to just $9.22/month. They also offer some great new client discounts from time to time. While these fees are subject to change and are in no way controlled by Orange Fox Creative, once you see the website we create for you, we're confident you'll understand why we design on this platform and why it's the right choice for you and your business.​

* We mean it. Just $1,350 or $2,250. No upcharges. No "that'll be extra." No kidding.